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I have it in me. Of course!

But first serve yourself the appetizers from the menus TEAM,and TRAINER. Meet my neighbors and their "kids". Reading time: 2 minutes.

Welcome back, perhaps unnecessarily but "did you enjoy it?"

Then continue with the main course. The energy of the boys next door does not lie: they work hard every day. No shortage of stamina and decisiveness.

Rain doesn't bother me much in Tuscany, but if it does come down at all, the bees don't let themselves be stopped from flying in full of energy. They leave my garden - one of their playing fields - with even more 'energy' than they came in. Honey or no honey.

Your turn. Are you able to gain energy when you get into a pattern of anger, disappointment or fear? 99.9% chance that the cause is deeper, making it impossible for you to break this pattern on your own.

Don't worry: a mental sports coach offers a solution. For a (top) athlete with all his perseverance and decisiveness it is a breeze to make contact. Be warned: recurring patterns will wear you out faster than booking a session. Or worse, before you realize it, you're hit by an injury.

As an ex-athlete, I sort of crawl 'behind your eyes'. That gives me insight into how you view the world and how you allow yourself to be influenced. I see truths before. With those insights I give you new insights into yourself, into the other(s) and/or your team. Your perspective becomes larger and it becomes clear how to get back into a flow. It is up to you whether you actually step back into that flow.

A mental coach is indispensable for the ''Next-generation-Athlete'': in addition to performing optimally, you also know how to get the best out of it after your active career as an athlete. Bye bye black hole. Can you also fulfill an exemplary function? Yes, even athletes can make a sustainable commitment relatively easily. HERE,I tell more about it.

Ready for a new mindset? Do you know how to set goals? Do you have more resilience? Let me know by PHONE,or MAIL.

Do you live further away? Regular stay abroad? Do you value discretion? No problem: sessions do not necessarily have to take place at your own club or employer. This is possible in an environment where you feel good, in my PRACTICE,or online. I would definitely consider the latter option if I were an athlete during tournaments or events.


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