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My neighbour, I already introduced him to the TEAMS, menu, is a beekeeper by profession.

That he never has to waste a word about raising his children needs no explanation: after all, he is married to a queen. And if there are any characters who can delegate, they are. Without raise voice, gestures or penetrating glances; commands are completely out of the question. After all, a queen without charisma is not a queen.

Do you have it in you: coach, trainer, leader, team member and facilitator at the same time?

Do you optimally switch between these roles so that your entire team takes care of you? Then the management presents you with an offer-you-can't-refuse?

Does the media label you as “charismatic”?

Let me guess: does your name maneuvers itself on every wish list of the bigger clubs?

Goes every social media channel haywire at your slightest frown?

Trainers I am approached by are often quick thinkers. They have great potential with extremely high ambitions linked to it. And yet they unconsciously get in their way.

Bees are excellent at circling and analyzing their own playing field. But a trainer that easily switches between 2D and 3D?

Then it is useful to schedule a session. We pass through the highs and lows of your career and unravel the beliefs and patterns you have attached to them.

You see it well: already after 1 session you feel stronger and more decisive about what you do and don't want (anymore). You are better able to set boundaries. And that only by changing perspective.

Mental coaching opens doors to opportunities in which you can grow.

Coaches that I previously brought back to themselves, and their essence are now able to charismatically exert enormous influence within the context in which they act:

- They bring justice, fairness, and equality to their team.

- Convince their management because they know how to transform mission and vision into goals indiscriminately.

- 'Read' players both on and off the playing field, and, at the same time,

- They pursue their own ambitions.

Want extreme discretion? These take place in our own PRACTICE, at locations agreed in advance or online, even after office hours and during weekends.

Next-Generation-Coaches will meet me HERE