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With ''I have it in me'' I provide clarity by bringing athletes, coaches, teams, and sports organizations closer to their essence in order to achieve their goals.

Acting according to passion makes more self-confident, decisive, and resilient. My challenge is to let energy flow at such a high level by aligning mission-passion-ambition.

This leads to congruence (internal) and credibility towards (external) fans, supporters, media and sponsors.

I help TEAMS,and (departments of) organizations to untangle complex relationships with themselves and others. Goals are based on a mission, and these are pursued through ambitions.

As soon as trainers and COACHES,step into their roles, I stand next to them, and my intuition automatically picks up pitfalls in leadership and resilience. Optimal mastery of both skills leads to charisma...

I guide ATHLETES,to the source of their entanglements, unravel them, and let them come closer to themselves. No long trajectories, but powerful sessions when they ask.

In both In-house and individual sessions, I apply Systemic work, NLP, the Enneagram, and hypnosis; this all in no less than 3 languages.

"What are you waiting for?"

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