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Just to stay in the ''bee sphere'': how do your tweets fly around on social media?

Do you place critical hits or is it just low buzzing?

When the neighbor in his car turns up my garden path, my mouth is already watering. That means honey. The monthly thank you because his bees get those flowers he asks for. It's a matter of give and take.

What do you give your fans? How do you thank your sponsors? With the eternal hunt for the most likes or the occasional direct hit? What makes your sponsors (read: their customers) happy?

Are you ''TikTokking'' very well ? I do. So good, in fact, that I don't even have an account. I spend my time much better: Coaching athletes and coaches who want to establish themselves as a brand.

Be honest: are you the one who walks with a screen under his nose every free minute of the day or do you radiate strength and tranquility by coming to yourself for moments?

In the latter case, you will be able to launch tweets and messages that trigger. slam dunks. They provide you with the right appearance with which you can live your life as a real sportsMAN or sportsWOMAN.

I'll teach you to brand your name. Just do it.


It's good if I can speak to the press on your behalf. It is much better if you speak to them yourself. Without scratching your neck or opening your zipper to close it again after 10 seconds.

RELAX! I teach you to communicate from within yourself and to come across as authentic. Doesn't mean you have to throw off your armor: you only use it when you feel you need it.

With depth you achieve something, your message gets across and you only force the questions you want to get.

Remember, a boomerang also makes its way back on its own…

Case observation - contract mediation - spokesperson.

There comes a moment when you are sitting at the table as a ''youngster'' with a large club. Who present you with an even bigger contract. Then you must be able to think and act like an "adult" so that you get what both are satisfied with.

Win-Win only occurs when people speak and understand the same language. Contracts are drawn up that are unambiguous for both parties. In short: communication needs to take place on an equal level. Also called "eye level".

However, the reality is different.

Do you have or get the "When in doubt don't do it" feeling? Difficult to make decisions? Then CALL_me first for a second opinion or back cover.

SEND_me a message and I'll tell you where effective communication lies in you!

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