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My neighbour, that’s what I call him, even though he lives more than 2 kilometers away. Fortunately: he's a beekeeper…

I don't have children of my own, and I never wanted them either. I don't care that many of his boys fly in and out of my garden from sunrise to sunset. Unbelievabe: what passion, motivation, and life energy these men have. That comes from the morphological field in which they move: Can't get enough of it.

I am not a queen, but as a coach I am a busy bee. I love seeing through invisible processes. Preferably the most complex ones.

I see in a split second which destructive patterns there are because I know how to make connections between visible and invisible sources. I form a connection between the conscious and the unconscious.

With this I bring things to the surface that lie at deeper layers in the (collective) subconscious. Sometimes painful but necessary to get to the core of the tornado.

Nothing is more beautiful than being able to tap into the self-healing and self-organizing capacity of players and teams when everyone learns to see what connects them and what can be released to go for the unprecedented potential together.

“Sustainably breaking through blockages leads to attracting the right players, colleagues, fans and sponsors.”

I start at an individual level, after all, personal development is the basis for further goal achievement. It is important that everyone realizes what contribution they themselves have made to a (created) situation. That awareness is enormously powerful: it reduces powerlessness, gives room to understanding and mildness towards team members.

In a team, people afterwards experience more sense of reality, unity consciousness, satisfaction, influence and of course ''the flow''.

In organizational assignments I love to work with anyone who detects the great potential of his or her team or department but realizes that a bottleneck has arisen that cannot be broken with just adequate leadership.

During team assignments I coach players and coaches who pursue a truly clear, common goal. It does not matter whether this is in the short, medium, or long term.

I always save the best for last, even though it takes place first: training camps. The ultimate opportunity to lay a mental foundation under the physical condition.

A team is also tuned under the hood to achieve the greatest results with just the slightest touch of the accelerator pedal when they finally get home.

Perhaps superfluous, but I like to warm up in time for guidance during major events and tournaments.

As well as discreet one-on-one coaching in my PRACTICE,or temporarily realized, independent space.

"So far the words, HERE,the deeds"

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